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NZCFI End of Year Networking Event 2015
Our History

Although our history can be tied to credit organisations operating in the 1960’s, the NZ Credit & Finance Institute (NZCFI) was formally incorporated in 1985.  Back then the organisation ran with regional branches, each separately incorporated.  It was another 10 years before the value of establishing one national entity was recognised and in October 1995 the NZCFI took its place in the economy as the foremost authority on matters relating to credit management in New Zealand.

Our membership is given a voice when the NZCFI is called upon to advise Government, through consultation and at select committees, on law reforms that impact the credit and finance industry.  We have impacted legislative changes affecting company law, privacy, insolvency and finance.  And we remain committed to preparing submissions to represent our member interests when law changes are considered in the future.

Above all, we lead the way in the provision of training and professional development opportunities for people employed in credit and finance positions – irrespective of seniority or the industry in which you work.


As the only organisation available exclusively to those working in credit and finance, the NZCFI:

  1. Fosters professional unity, cooperation and mutual assistance
  2. Promotes education and professional advancement to increase the proficiency of those employed in the field of credit and finance
Member benefits

Recently surveyed, our members appreciate these facilities:

  • Networking with peers
  • Technical training
  • The provision of Government and regulatory speakers
  • Presentations on general or macro factors impacting business, such as the state of the economy
  • Training on ‘soft’ people skills – such as the psychology associated with credit management and negotiation skills
  • Access to case studies from companies in similar industries or faced with navigating similar legislation or issues
  • Advocacy at a national level
NZQA Qualifications at Member Only rates

In recognition of our ongoing commitment to education and our partnership with Rapid Results who administer the NZQA credit qualifications, members are provided with a $50.00 discount on each of the two NZQA courses.

That’s effectively nearly a third of an annual membership fee invested back in you – and your personal professional development!

Additionally, upon completion of either qualification, you will be gifted a year’s FREE membership with the NZCFI.

See Qualifications for more detail.

Quarterly updates via our publication The Pulse

Taking its name from our branding, ‘The financial pulse of our nation’, our quarterly publication is The Pulse. This interesting read aims to keep you up to date with activities happening nationally, so that you can elect to participate in events outside of your region and/or provide opportunities for others in your team to participate when they are situated elsewhere.

The latest edition, showing insolvency figures nationally, allowed members to track trends in the filing of Creditors’ Petitions and Liquidations, and to see the types of remedy being taken; among them, the ratio of Summary Instalment Orders, Debtor Petitions and No Asset Procedures.

  • It’s information like this that lets you see that you’re not alone
  • Elsewhere in the country other credit professionals are facing similar challenges
  • A membership with the NZCFI puts you in contact with peers and industry colleagues whom you can both assist and learn from
Click below to read our latest news in issues of The Pulse

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March 2018


Through an NZCFI membership, you will have access to a worldwide network to exchange ideas and information.


Cost of Membership ?

An annual membership is $178.25 (inclusive of GST) for the first year.  Thereafter, membership is renewable annually on the anniversary of the date on which you joined.